Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion
Outdoor cushion

Outdoor cushion

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Composition outer cover: 100% acrylic for the visible parts and pvc grid on the part under the cushion for ventilation.
Filling: PU foam
Removable by YKK 6mm mesh zipper located under the cushion

We are a French company based in Sarzeau, south of Vannes in Brittany (France). The product you buy is unique. We manufacture it to measure according to your choice of configuration. The materials used as well as our know-how guarantee you a product of very high quality. We mainly use fabrics from the Glenn Raven Group, woven in France and the USA. Their best-known brands are Dickson for blinds and protective fabrics and Sunbrella, which is the acclaimed decor fabric for its unmatched design, quality and strength.

Extremely durable fabrics

The high quality Sunbrella pigments are impregnated in the heart of the fiber during its manufacture; the result is a completely dyed yarn and a fabric that offers exceptional color hold, strength and durability.

In ordinary fabrics, dyes are affixed to the surface of the fibers or fabric. Therefore, the color does not penetrate deeper than the top layer and it will wash off or tarnish over time.

Easy-to-clean fabrics. Sunbrella fabrics are extremely easy to maintain and most soils can be washed off with water and mild soap. One of the best ways to keep a Sunbrella fabric in top condition and to delay deep cleaning as much as possible is to maintain it regularly. This maintenance consists of simply brushing off dust with a brush before it becomes encrusted, wiping up spills as soon as they occur and cleaning up stains as soon as they appear.
Routine or light cleaning

  • Remove any loose dirt from the fabric with a brush.
  • Wash the fabric at 40 ° C or by hand, as follows:
  • Prepare a cleaning solution composed of 60 ml of mild soap diluted in 4 l of lukewarm water (at less than 40 ° C).
  • Clean with a soft brush and allow the fabric to soak up the solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly and allow the fabric to air dry.
  • If necessary, iron the fabric by setting the iron to "Synthetic". NEVER use a steam generator or steam iron.

Cleaning tough stains and mold While Sunbrella fabric does not promote the growth of mold, it can grow from dirt or other substances that settle on the fabric and are not removed. To clean mold or other tough stains:

  • Prepare a solution composed of 240 ml of bleach and 60 ml of mild soap diluted in 4 l of clean water. Spray on the area to be cleaned and allow the fabric to soak up the solution
  • Scrub vigorously with a soft brush, rinse thoroughly and air dry the fabric

For Sunbrella fabrics of removable or removable products (parasols, cushions): remove the fabric and machine wash it at less than 40 ° C. Use a mild detergent, dose it according to the load of the machine and if necessary, add 240 ml of bleach. Allow the fabric to air dry. If mold and / or stains are severe, increase the amount of bleach. Re-waterproofing of a fabric to facilitate its maintenance.
Sunbrella fabrics receive a special finishing treatment that improves water repellency. This treatment is designed to remain effective for several years of normal use. However, it is still possible to revive this protection with a product recommended by Sunbrella: the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard ™. In addition, the finishing treatment applied to all Sunbrella fabrics helps them repel liquids and makes them even easier to maintain.

Fabrics that respect nature and are healthy for humans. Sunbrella fabrics do not deteriorate over time, they are insensitive to light and retain their color over time. Sunbrella fabrics are designed to last two to ten times longer than traditional fabrics. Thanks to their extended life cycle, our fully digital manufacturing process that limits scrap, the environmental footprint of products made with Sunbrella fabrics is considerably lower than that of cotton fabrics, for example. Sunbrella fabrics have been tested according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard: this label certifies that they contain no toxic substances and do not represent any risk to health, skin or the environment.

Greenguard approval certifies that Sunbrella fabrics are low emissivity and can be used indoors or for any application where air quality is required, with the guarantee that they will help maintain healthy indoor air.

We offer 4 payment methods:

  • Bank card (Visa, Master Card, CB),
  • PayPal,
  • Bank transfer: you will receive an email with our bank details, your order is then made upon receipt of the transfer
  • Check: you will receive an email with our bank details, your order is then made upon receipt of the check

The shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart. Your products are dispatched within 5 working days for the fabrics that we follow in stock. For others, the products are shipped within 10 working days.

5-YEAR CONVENTIONAL GUARANTEE against rot and color fastness from the date of purchase of the finished product. 2-year legal warranty on the finished product regularly maintained, under normal conditions of use and the environment. In particular, all damage due to:

  • lack of maintenance or the use of unsuitable products or instruments: no detergents, chemicals or solvents, or scrapers or other instruments that risk damaging the surface;
  • lightning strikes or unusual climatic or environmental conditions;
  • atmospheric or phytosanitary pollution;
  • animal stains;
  • assembly faults, user maneuvering errors, splashing of various products, hanging objects on the canvas, falling objects, impacts, road accidents, vandalism, burns of cigarettes or others, fire.
  • This guarantee applies to any purchase made from 01/10/2020 and is exercised under the conditions defined below:
  • Guardtex will replace free of charge the part of the product recognized as defective, to the exclusion of all costs and any other compensation, for any reason whatsoever.
  • Any complaint must be made within ten days of the finding of the defect, and sent by email to Guardtex
  • The defective product will be made available to experts from Guardtex or its insurance company.
  • The replacement or reimbursement of the defective product does not have the effect of extending the duration of this warranty.