12 colors available.

Custom-Made mainsail protection (also called a Stack Pack, Lazy Bag, Mack Pack) that slides directly into your boom.

Ideal model for when the head of your sail is difficult to reach.


check.pngEnables quick and easy covering of the sail without having to tie the sail down
check.pngSafe use by the skipper and crew
check.pngRemains in place when sailing
check.pngEasy to reef
check.pngCan be fitted without removing the sail
check.pngCan be removed without removing the sail
check.pngFor loose footed sails
check.pngFor attached foot sail
check.pngLengthens the sail lifespan
check.pngWaterproof and breathable
check.pngWide range of colors
check.pngCustom in 3 days
check.pngShipped around the world
check.pngThe cheapest on the market for this quality

To order, only 12 measures to take on your boat.

We check their consistency, and manufacture your custom Sail Pack in 3 days.

Comparatively to other mainsail protections, with our Sail Pack:

check.pngThe cradle is a fully battened bag with lazy-jacks that opens automatically and holds the sail when it is doused or raised. Extra folds when the sail is reefed stay in the sail pack, removing the need to attach the excess canvas with sail ties.

check.pngThe top part that holds the sail head folds inside the cradle and the sail pack remains closed at the front with the lower quick-release fasteners.

Difference with the Classic model:

check.pngThe zipper is sewn on the side of the cradle, this is why we recommend this model to people who have trouble closing the zipper when the head of the sail is high.

check.pngThe zipper is completely protected under canvas so that UV does not damage it.

check.pngThe (webbing) sail ties are inside and enable the cradle to be folded down under the boom and tie it, to uncover the full surface of the sail. This feature is appreciated by racers.

Design your product

  • Color
  • Dimension 1/2
  • Dimension 2/2
  • Number of fasteners
  • Loose footed sails
  • Model boat
Your configuration:

1. Check dimensions when we receive your order:

- We design your sail pack with the measurements that you have entered,
- We check the consistency of the whole product,
- We will contact you if we need to check the information.

2. Depending on your sail's foot type:

As requested, you can choose if:
- Your sail is loose footed, your sail pack will have a 10mm bolt-rope as standard. If you want a different diameter bolt-rope, please tell us in the comments section at the end of your order.


- Your sail isn't loose footed, it is attached to the boom. We replace the sail pack bolt-rope by a PVC strip. When fitting it, place the sail's bolt-rope in the sail pack PVC strip and slide them both into the groove on the boom.

In both cases, we include openings for the reefing lines.

3. About lazy jacks:

As requested, you can choose 3 or 4 ties on each side. They are strap toes sewn on the side of the sail pack, in which you attach the lazyjack lines you already have, or ones you can buy from a chandlery.

4. Comment: Battens are not supplied.

- Either you already have them on your previous sail pack and can use them in the dedicated sleeves. Our sleeves can hold a diameter up to 14mm or flat battens with a width of 30mm.

- Or you can buy them. The cost of shipping is higher than the cost of the battens, so we have decided to not include them, it is better you get them from a local chandlery.

Dimensions or size

Prices go up every 50 cm (20'')

Tailor-made to the measurements you enter online

Parcel size

L27'' x W16'' x H12'' or L32'' x W16'' x H20''

Average weight

11 to 15lbs on average

Colors available

12 colors in stock

Composition, material

Sunbrella fabric: 100% dope dyed acrylic fibres. Stain-resistant carbon fluoride treatment Certified rot-resistant - Waterproofing: 400mm schmerber and Breathability : 29 liters/minute

Fastening at the front of the mast: white colored Aceral clip buckles

Batten sleeves: Dacron, for round battens up to 14mm diameter and flat battens up to 30mm, if you need a larger size, please let us know. Reminder: battens not provided

10mm bold-rope to slide into the boom. If you need another diameter, please let us know.

Suitable for loose footed and attached sails (you will be asked when you place the order)

If the foot of your sail is attached to the boom, you cannot use the sail pack's bold rope: we replace the sail pack's bold rope with a PVC strip in which you can insert the sail's bolt-rope and you will slide them together into the groove on your boom.

Lazyjack ties, you will be asked the number when you place your order. (reminder: the lazyjack system is not included).
10mm white plastic YKK zipper, plastic slider, the zipper is longer at the back to close it more easily. The end of the zipper can be removed, it is separable, so you can remove the sail pack and keep your sail on the boom.

The zipper is on the side, it opens on the port side, from the mast towards the stern.

Maintenance recommendations

Regularly rinse in clean water and if it gets dirty, clean in water with TexActiv Clean

Additional information

Canvas guaranteed 10 years by the manufacturer

Colorfastness in UV light

Distinguishing advantages

  • Zipper protected from UV light by a canvas flap
  • Zipper sewn on the side for easier access when the head of the sail out of reach
  • The zipper can be fully separated, enabling you to remove the sail pack without removing the mainsail
  • Increased durability with PVC lining around the mast and all other places where chafing occurs

1 part

Webbing loop at the back

PVC reinforcement around the mast

Webbing loop on the inside, at the front of the bolt-rope

Reinforced at the back

quick release fasteners Guardtex.jpg

Guardtex reef fasteners

Fully separable zipper

Zipper protected from UV comfort sail pack.JPG

Zipper protected from UV Comfort Sail Pack

Velcro tab Batten stop

Reinforcements at the back of the batten sleeve

Reinforced stitching on lazyjack ties

quick release fasteners Guardtex.jpg

Guardtex reef openings

3 sail ties


Comfort model Side zipper