We make your sail cover TO-MEASURE, and send it from our workshop within 3 days.

Two advantages when it comes to protecting your sails:

- Why send it within 3 days? Because your sails cannot remain without protection while you wait for a new sail pack or genoa cover. Bad weather, sunlight and even moonlight can damage your sails.

- Why a tailor made design? Because a properly fitting sail cover prevents chafing and windage. You will avoid premature aging of your covers and your sails.

This is why each sail cover is made using the measurements you send us.

Our advice on how to take precise measurements:

Sail pack: The measurements should be taken with the sail flaked on the boom, without pressing on the sail and keeping enough space to close the sail pack

For measurement A: if there is a winch or a spinnaker pole on the mast: include them.

For measurements C, D, E, F, G: Do not include the boom in the sail circumference.

To take measurement H: the sail pack should end between the clew and the topping lift.

Genoa cover: The measurements should be taken with the sail rolled on the furler.

For measurement A: Usually, we use the length of the genoa luff to precisely define this measurement. You can check this length using one of the available halyards near the genoa head. Raise a fine rope using a halyard. Once it is fully raised, draw a mark on the bottom and measure it on the ground. Repeat the measurement to check you have the correct length.

For measurement C: The circumference at the clew should be measured with the sheet knot as the cover will protect both.