Discover our technology that transforms fabrics into lighting

Kanvaslight is a game-changer in the world of lighting.

It allows for new possibilities in customizing boats, hotels and other spaces. The system is reliable, cutting-edge and financially accessible. We strive for originality and excellence in all aspects of our products. Our business specializes in creating technical products from fabric, including covers, upholstery, awnings and protection for boats, planes, leisure and industry. Our CEO also has extensive experience in lighting, electricity and alternative energy production. He wanted to give fabric a lighting function, and thus Kanvaslight was born.

Kanvaslight allows for delivering messages through a simple light cushion. Visibility and originality guaranteed

With its flexibility, thinness, low voltage and ability to be powered remotely, Kanvaslight can bring lighting to unexpected places.

- Imagine sitting in a light-up chair,
- a headboard with a design,
- or a cockpit pad that displays personalized graphics on your boat.

All of this is possible with Kanvaslight. Our technology includes: a catalog of fabric options with different lengths, widths, densities and weaving colors, the ability to add a masking layer for graphics or messages; and an injector of light that doesn't have to be physically next to the fabric, allowing for lighting to be applied to thin, flat or curved surfaces without the need for added space for electrical equipment.

Kanvaslight is easy to use like a veneer, it can be glued or sewn on, used as is for maximum lighting or diffused through the use of another fabric or partially masked for graphics or messages. It can produce all colors and can be easily controlled through a screen. It's also the safest lighting option.

Highlight the products when they are illuminated by Kanvaslight

Our engineers have worked tirelessly for 5 years on R&D to perfect this technology. Today we're proud to offer a perfect technology that allows you to create reliable products that offer a unique customer experience. And because this experience is unique, major industry names have become our partners. Kanvaslight fabrics are distributed by Spradling in the USA.