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3 colors available TAILOR MADE genoa and/or headsail cover To quickly and easily protect a furled headsail. ADVANTAGES: Very easy to raiseVery easy to lowerDoes not flap in high windsVery durable canvas Avoids regularly having to replace the UV strip and tapeUV protectionProtection contre les UVWaterproof and breathableFolding technique for compact...


12 colors available.Custom-Made mainsail protection (also called a Stack Pack, Lazy Bag, Mack Pack) that slides directly into your boom. Ideal model for when the head of your sail is difficult to reach. ADVANTAGES: Enables quick and easy covering of the sail without having to tie the sail downSafe use by the skipper and crew Remains in place when sailing...


12 colors availableTAILOR MADE mainsail protection that slides into the groove on the boom. Our advice: Choose this model when the head of the sail is easy to reach ADVANTAGES: Enables quick and easy covering of the sail without having to tie the sail downSafe use by the skipper and crewRemains in place when sailingEasy to reef Can be fitted without...

Simplify your maneuvers with a custom-made lazy bag, easy bag, or lazy jack.

The lazy bag, the easy bag and the lazy jack are essential accessories for any sailboat because they make it easier to manage maneuvers such as lowering and furling the mainsail without interfering with the reefing. They improve the handling of the mainsail and increase the comfort and safety of navigation.

Do you want to equip your sailboat with a tailor-made lazy bag and lazy jack? SNA, a specialist in nautical upholstery and sail protection, designs and manufactures a tailor-made lazy bag for your boat in just a few days.

What is the purpose of a lazy bag ?

The lazy bag, also called easy bag, is a mainsail cover that remains attached to the boom, even when you are sailing. It allows you to lower and protect your mainsail quickly and easily, without having to store it. The lazy jack, on the other hand, is a system of ropes and rings or pulleys that are attached to each side of the lazy bag or boom and to the masthead. It guides the descent of the mainsail in line with the boom, improving control when taking risks or lowering.

Make the right choice, find the perfect lazy bag for your sailboat

At SNA, we offer you two lazy bag models to choose from depending on two main situations: Do you have difficulty reaching the top of the lazy bag? If so, choose the Comfort model whose zipper is located on the port side and second situation: Are you sailing in an area where the sun is very hot?, also choose the Comfort model, because the zipper is protected under the fabric. Otherwise, the classic lazy bag is enough. Since then, our two lazy bags are reinforced for excellent resistance to wear due to friction.