Fiber-optic woven fabrics and LED lights flawlessly integrate into your custom canvas creating a sophisticated, natural-light ambiance that transforms how you feel and use your space.

Unlike tacky string-lights, dim solar-torches, and glaring spotlights, Kanvaslight provides an ideal light source while being specifically engineered for a long life in a salty, sun-drenched environment.

Kanvaslight’s elegant lighting solution is safe, affordable, and customizable for all boats.

How does Kanvaslight work ?

Kanvaslight is a two-component kit that is integrated into a boat’s bimini.

The first component is the optical fiber infused fabric that uses the patented Lightex technology. This new e-textile allows warm light to be diffused throughout the entire surface of the fabric.

The result is a safe, alluring natural-light effect. No electrical current runs through the fabric. Therefore, there is no fire or shock hazard.

The second component is the remote LED light source that is powered either by the boat’s power system or on its own battery. At less than 15w it is highly efficient, safe, and practical.

The installation is simple.

Anywhere, in any type of solution. The only limit is your imagination...

Smart Textile

Take advantage of the Internationally patented fiber-optic woven fabrics and LED lights that were designed specifically to be integrated into the boat’s canvas.

Sustainable Materials

Ocean-smart alternative to battery-hungry lanterns, and short-life string lights, and disposable solar torches. Feel good and enjoy Kanvaslight for the life of your canvas.

Brilliant Technology.
Seamless Integration.
Elegant Lighting Solutions.

Safe Design

Specifically engineered for extreme marine conditions. No heat or shock risks. No electrical current flows through the fabric.

Practical Applications

Marine-grade technology and energy-efficient lighting solutions installed exactly where boater’s need light—under the canvas and over the seating area.

Mood Defining

Bring your boat to life at night with ideally lit dining, drinks, and gatherings—no glare here. Evenly bathe 175 sq ft of your boat in warm, flattering, natural light.

Effortlessly Elegant

Delight in the evenly dispersed light by night, and never bother with it by day. The canvas-integrated system is always ready—and you can still fold and stow your bimini.

What our clients say...

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Technical Principle


Power supply

Light injector Standard:

-Power supply 12 VDC 1.2 A i.e. power less than 15 W, or

-Power supply 24 VDC 0.6 A i.e. power less than 15 W.

-Inrush current < 10 A during 1msec.

-Light intensity: 650 lm, Warm white 3000 K.

-Operating temperature: 0 °C to 30 °C

Light injector Mini:

-Power supply 5VDC at 0.5 A i.e. power less than 2.5 W.

-Power supply 16VDC at 0.135 A i.e. power less than 2.5 W.

-Light intensity: 650 lm, Warm white 3000 K. 

-Operating temperature: 0 °C to 35 °C


Certifications and Awards

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