Mastercraft - Replacement Bimini Top...
Mastercraft - Replacement Bimini Top...
Mastercraft - Replacement Bimini Top...
Mastercraft - Replacement Bimini Top...

Mastercraft - Replacement Bimini Top Canvas

Manufactured and shipped within a week.

Bimini Top reproduced identically with the additional Guardtex © quality and the possibility of adding the KanvasLight © lightning system to your canvas !

  • High quality products. Our products are made to last.
  • Fit perfectly your frame.
  • High Technology lightning option integrated directly in your canvas : Kanvaslight.

Design your product

  • Your Bimini Top
  • Kanvaslight
Your configuration:

As the years go by, the canvas is starting to sag, the colors are becoming tired and faded. The parts and fixtures undergo visible deterioration.
It's time to replace!

You go with what performs, time after time. That’s why our bimini fabric is the trusted choice for the quality and durability.

Our products are designed to be used in any weather for years.

Better than recyclable, our biminis are sustainable.

Discover Guardtex quality in pictures:

- Sunbrella plus canvas, the best for UV & Fade resistant, even cleaned with bleach (dilution x%) without losing color (link to maintenance tips)
- Reinforcements with technical textile at known points of wear
- Hidden zip for aesthetics
- 5 years on average, depending on the frequency of trips and under normal conditions of use.
- Compatibility with your poles guaranteed

Dimensions or size

Prices change regarding your boat's model.

Tailor-made to the measurements you enter online

Parcel size

L60 x W40 x H30cm or L80 x W40 x H50cm

Average weight

5 to 7kg on average

Colors available

15 colors in stock

Composition, material

Sunbrella fabric: 100% dope dyed acrylic fibres. Stain-resistant carbon fluoride treatment Certified rot-resistant - Waterproof: 400mm schmerber and Breathability: 29 liters/minute.

For more information about the fabric, please go to the section "Fabric".

Maintenance recommendations

Regularly rinse in clean water and if it gets dirty, clean in water with TexActiv Clean.

Do not bend the illuminating weaving. Please follow the Kanvaslight© user manual to use the lightning system properly.

Additional information

Canvas guaranteed 5 years by the manufacturer

Colorfastness in UV light

Distinguishing advantages

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